Who we are

WEW GmbH is headquartered in Phoenix West, known as a technology center of the city of Dortmund. We are a company in the field of water electrolysis, founded in the beginnings of 2021.

Our goal as a system-independent technology provider is to supply the fast-growing hydrogen industry with economical stacks, the core of a water electrolysis system.

We develop and produce alkaline electrolysis stacks whose costs are significantly lower than the current market forecasts of 2030.

This is guaranteed by minimizing raw materials, avoiding costly resources, and a completely new stack design that enables its efficient, highly automated production.

We - the founding team - consisting of Dr. Wiebke Lüke, Dr. Gregor Polcyn and Dr.-Ing. Lukas Lüke, have more than 30 years of experience in the hydrogen business.

Our vision is to make green hydrogen possible!